Harvest Time

Harvest time?

As far as the farming community have been concerned the unfavourable weather has meant that harvest is something that we have seen little of this year. With the ground so sodden that much work cannot be done and perhaps will not be done this year. So for many this years harvest season has not been  a time when there has been a celebration of a bumper crop but more a time of concern for those who ‘by the sweat of their brow’ struggle to work the land. Those who contemplate a hard winter with little food provision for cattle. But that said this thanksgiving season is always an opportune time for all to reflect back over our lives in a spiritual sense and ask ourselves if we can rejoice in growth, in increasing maturity, in producing spiritual fruit, not just for our benefit but importantly for the benefit of others.

We’re pressing on the upward way,
New heights we’re gaining every day;
Still praying as we’re onward bound,
Lord, plant our feet on higher ground.