Home Home Home


As the long nights draw in, we often find ourselves sitting in front of a roaring fire enjoying all the comforts of the place we call home. Psychologists tell us that this is the natural desire to feel secure, to know love and find acceptance.

One has rightly said that at home we are always welcome, always loved and always safe. When time is taken to consider everything home means to us individually, many of the conclusions we come to match the sentiments of these statements. The very mention of the word ‘home’ provokes a positive reaction within the vast majority of our hearts.

Coming to the Word of God, I am reminded that as someone who has repented of my sin and accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour, this world is not my home. Jesus said to His followers that He was going to prepare a place where they would dwell with Him for all eternity. Some call this place Heaven, glory or paradise but as I look forwards to joining the Lord Jesus in that place, I have learnt to just call it home.

Salvation is found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Simple faith in the finished work of the Saviour. I could not do anything to save myself but thank God, Jesus Christ did it all for me. Friend the great truth is, He did it for you too. Knowing what it is to be saved means being confident of one day being ‘at home with the Lord.’

Remember at home we are always welcome, always loved and always safe.

Looking forward to my home, I know I will be welcome for I am accepted in Jesus Christ – I am His and He is mine, I am part of the family of God. I know I will always be loved – God so loved me, He sent His only Son to die for my sin. I know I will always be safe – being saved means that I am forever free from the wrath of God I deserve for my sin. Is this something you too can say? Do you look forward to one day going home? If not, accept the invitation in the gospel. Jesus invites you to join Him in that heavenly home. As a church, we want you to enjoy the same hope that we enjoy in Christ. As the hymn writer said, “we cannot leave you lost and lone, we want you over there.”

If we can do anything for you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Pastor Jonny Ormerod