Micah 6v8 says …and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God. This verse doesn’t simply present some good suggestions but is one that states some requirements. An action; to do justly. An affection; to love mercy. An attitude; to walk humbly. It is to the last of these that I want to share a thought. Humility is the condition we read of in the first three beatitudes of Matthew 5. It is how the Christian life begins, by poverty of spirit, recognizing our dire and desperate condition that drives us to dependence on God. But here in Micah we are told this attitude of heart is not only how we start out but also how we ought to walk. Humility speaks to attitude but our actions can either display or betray that humility as true or false. Pride/self/ego/I, the upright pronoun, is a most subtle enemy against the new life in Christ. People spot it easily if we look down on others, or if we seek to draw attention or praise to ourselves. However, it can lurk just as easily in the more introverted personality as well as in the more extroverted one. Spurgeon once said that “true humility is thinking rightly of yourself, not meanly.” There is much wisdom to chew upon in that saying from Spurgeon! Another puts it more practically saying that humility is not thinking less of yourself (meanly), but thinking of yourself less! Thoughts that are consumed with self whether that be following the evil of our hearts, or thinking how good we are and how much we have done. But equally on the other hand if we think that we are of no use, have no gifts, crippled by what we think others think of us, thinking we have nothing to offer anyone or that God could have no use for me. Then in all these cases we are thinking about ourselves a lot! And as humility is thinking about ourselves less and God and others more, we are not displaying humility. Yes, to live in humility is to see ourselves as God sees us, to truly know and see ourselves in the light of His Word, it is to recognize our condition, but it is also to embrace the calling of God on our lives. To recognize that while we are indeed sinners saved by grace we are also servants of God and He has a work for us to. It is to forget about self in the service of others and our God. So I challenge you as I challenge myself myself to fix our eyes firmly upon Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. To turn our gaze daily upon Him and away from self, that we might fulfill together the command of Micah and the requirement to walk humbly with our God as we seek to live out and proclaim the justice and mercy of God to the world around.