The God of the Lonely

The God of the Lonely

Loneliness, in a crowd, at home, in work, at school, in Uni or even in a church is something that most of us experience from time to time. For some, being alone can at least for a little while be desirable and beneficial.

However, when “being alone” becomes “being lonely” our joy and zest for life is greatly diminished. If the loneliness experience is repeated, extended or sustained we can feel crushed and descend into recurring patterns of despair and self-doubt. Anxiety, low mood and insecurity may grip our lives and negatively taint how we view the world around us. The root cause of loneliness from an orthodox Christian perspective flows from the fallen state on man.

Adams wilful sin disrupted the fundamental relationship between man and God and consequently with how we exist, relate and care for ourselves and each other.

Loneliness has emotional, spiritual, mental and practical consequences. Ultimately the loneliness of solitude immobilises our will and purpose of being, we become isolated, fearful and lost in the crowd.

Rejection by others is anticipated so we compensate and vail our loneliness with masks and distractions.  Christians believe and teach that God has a remedy for those who are distressed by loneliness. It begins with personal salvation through repentance from sin and is sustained by devotion to Christ. 

Salvation by faith alone, self-effort excluded; is the primary means by which the soul of man is renewed and by which the bondage of loneliness is ultimately broken. Biblical salvation provides a new foundation for life and a gateway to a path that leads lonely souls to the comfort of a loving Creator and His people.

Mr Derek Thompson