Who Do You Follow

Who do you follow?

If we believe what modern consumer market surveys are telling us then the world is changing, we in the western world, are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with spending money on things, on material possessions, instead opting for experience rather than possession. We all know that quandary nowadays as to what gift to buy the person who has everything. Holidays, music and sporting events, eating out, renting and hiring are the order of the day rather than ownership and possession; music and video are now streamed online and not owned. It is thought that much of this trend is due to the social media phenomena where we must now have experiences and pictures and stories to share. This trend although more subtle than overt materialism is still fuelled by the money god, and our apparent need to compare and compete with others and console and entertain our emptiness away. The writer of Ecclesiastes was wise and he said that there is nothing new under the sun, if we want to experience something new, something which truly satisfies, we must look beyond this material world (that which is under the sun). The writer of Ecclesiastes not only spoke of the vanity of what he experienced under the sun but also the emptiness of what could be experienced within time; whatever knowledge or goods or experiences or friends we ‘gain’ we leave it all at the grave, he concluded that if we want to find something that can satisfy something of permanence we must look above the sun and outside time. Therefore, he admonishes us to look to our Creator in the days of our youth. He calls us to look from the type and the shadow, which is this world, to the antitype and the substance which is the unseen spiritual world of our Creator God. Yes, we rightly marvel and enjoy Gods Creation but let us marvel more at our Creator and enjoy the relationship with Him that Christ makes possible. He calls us not to be distracted by what will be an unfruitful search for happiness and contentment within this creation but to pursue the only lasting reality in the one who created it and us. We must set our minds on things above not things below. There is one who crossed the divide between the realm of God and the world of man and it was in the God-Man, our Lord Jesus Christ and it is in friendship and by following Him where man’s ultimate fulfilment and joy is to be found. Our destiny will not be determined by who we ‘follow’ or have as ‘friends’ in our online persona but by or friendship and how we followed one individual; Jesus! Not in the experiences we ‘share’ in this life but in the experience of sharing in the life of Christ. He (that is Jesus) is the way the truth and the life. The one who seeks this reality will find it and the one who knocks this door will find the door opened to them and the one who asks for it will receive it.