Your Departure Date

Your Departure Date

For many months we have heard the details of BREXIT being played out across different media outlets. This has been the source of much confusion and anxiety for some within our nation as there seems to be very little ground for consensus among those who lead us. In the various plans that have been discussed departure dates have been set, only to be changed at the last minute. This had led many people to ask the question – will we even leave at all?

Whatever may be true about the political world, there is an unavoidable truth about each of us in our personal lives; God had set our departure date from this world. The Bible tells us very clearly it is appointed onto man once to die. We all can mark the date on a calendar that we were born into this world but the date that we cannot mark is the date that our life on this earth will cease.

Another fact about this date is it cannot be altered or postponed. We cannot in any way change the truth that one day the journey of life will be over and we will leave this world. Upon that day we stand before our Creator and our eternal future shall be determined.

Death is but a doorway one which leads to eternal rest and peace or eternal judgement. The choices we make during the days of our lives determine which of these two eternities we shall face. Accepting the offer of salvation in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will mean death will be a door to everlasting rest. Rejecting that offer will mean death is a door to everlasting judgement.

One day the date of your departure will arrive. Just as plans have been necessary for a political BREXIT so too plans are necessary for your spiritual exit. I urge you to make those plans and believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

Pastor Jonny Ormerod