The purpose of Grange Baptist Church Youth Ministries is to lead young people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to disciple them through the study of God’s Word, and to foster healthy Christian fellowship. Once a young person gives his heart and life to Jesus Christ, the most important thing he or she can do is to study the Word of God and learn how to apply it to everyday life.  We also believe that it is important for our young people to have the opportunity to develop leadership qualities and experience hands on ministry. We would encourage our young people to be active in mission, community, and fundraising projects.  Those who attend the youth fellowship at Grange are encouraged to take responsibility for their own programme and events and are encouraged to participate during Sunday worship.

The youth ministry encompasses the Youth Fellowship, Sunday School, Children’s Meeting, Holiday Bible Clubs, Youth & Childrens Club, Childrens Meeting and BYE teams. It also includes ministry opportunities through music, drama, talks, outreach, and DVD’s etc. We encourage our young people to take an active part in the life of the church family and assist them in identifying areas of ministry and service of which they can be a part. The recently completed halls provide excellent facilities for the youth work and this venue is the hub of where the Youth Ministries take place. The Youth Fellowship is held on alternate Sunday evenings 8:30pm-10:00pm. The Children’s Meeting is for ages 4-11 on alternate Monday evenings from 6:45pm-7:45pm.