About Us

Our Church

Our church fellowship meets together in Grange Baptist Church which is located at Grange Corner, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Grange is a small hamlet nestled in the beautiful countryside overlooking Lough Neagh and the Bann valley, set against the backdrop of the Sperrin Mountains.

The baptist church at Grange has been in continual existence since its constitution in 1811, this makes it one of the longest surviving baptist churches in Northern Ireland. It is our desire that this gospel witness continues until He calls His church home. Our two hundredth anniversary occurred in 2011. 

“Over two hundred years of gospel witness… to God be the glory!”

These two hundred years of history have been recorded in book form; (Grange Baptist Church, County Antrim, A Bicentenary History: 1811-2011 by N.S. Wilson). This book is a great read and it sheds light not only on our own particular church but also the social and political environment concerning baptists in Ireland in general. It details our fellowships unusual beginning, taking the reader through times of revival and decline right up to recent times.

Just like that cloud of witnesses from a bygone day in Grange, we too, by the grace of God, seek to labour as good stewards of the gospel in our day, ‘pressing on towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.’ Phil 3v14. ‘Running with patience the race that is set before us.’ Heb 12v1.

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Our Beliefs

As an assembly, and as a reflection of our mission statement, we purpose together to express three fundamental ministries.

Up-Reach (‘glowing together’) – a ministry of serving and worshiping God; by our lives and lips, in all that we do, so that He might have all the glory (John 4v23-24, Luke 10v27, Psalm 115v1).

In-Reach (‘growing together’) – a ministry of supporting, building up, and loving one another in Christ, as instructed by scripture. (Ephesians 4v11-16, Jude 1v20, 1 Thess 5v11, John 13v34).

Out-Reach (‘going together’) – a ministry of spreading the good news and ministering to those outside of the household of faith, in our families, our community, and the world (Mark 16v15-20).

As a baptist fellowship we hold to, among other principles and practices, the headship of Christ, the supremacy of Scripture in matters of faith and practice, regenerate church membership, baptism of believers by immersion, weekly observance of the Lord’s Table, separation of church and state, the autonomy of the local church, the priesthood of all believers, individual soul liberty, the two church offices of elder (including pastor) and deacon, and in church polity being elder led and congregationally ruled.

We are currently part of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland, this enables us to partner with like-minded congregations for the furtherance of the Gospel and to help one another in the many challenges we face ☞ link to common beliefs ☜. Although baptists are smaller in numbers throughout Ireland, they are globally one of the largest and most diverse protestant groups.

Our Office-Bearers

PASTOR – Peter Craig

As a young boy, Pastor Craig attended Bethel Baptist Church in East Belfast, where at the age of five he came to understand his need of a Saviour, his need for repentence and to live his life for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Peter later moved with his family to the Iron Hall Evangelical Church in East Belfast, and through time he graduated from Stranmillis University College as a school teacher.

After taking up a teaching position in 2015, he soon felt the call of God leading him into some form of full time ministry. Peter subsequently attended and studied at the Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh, in order to prepare and be further equipped for Christian ministry.

He served as assistant pastor in Banbridge Baptist Church for two years, before his acceptance of the call to become pastor here at Grange in 2022.

Peter and his wife Lucy were married in 2023.

☞ Induction Service of Pastor Craig – YouTube ☜

To watch the recent Induction of Pastor Craig to the pastorate of Grange Baptist Church go to our YouTube channel or click the link above.

ELDER – Bill Bailie

DEACONS – Chris Bailie, David Cameron, Matthew Garrett (Church Treasurer), David Johnston, Timothy Kennedy, Keith Wallace (Church Secretary), Ivan Watson.

MISSIONARIES – Joseph and Sandra Kennoway. This couple from our fellowship are currently working as missionaries in the Ballybeen estate through Belfast City Mission. You can find out more about their ministry by visiting and following the ☞ Belfast City Mission – Ballybeen ☜ facebook page.

COLLEGE STUDENT – Mr Bryan Cruise, joins us from Limivady Baptist. He will partner with us from October 2023 to April 2024 as part of his pastoral training conducted through the Irish Baptist College.

‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’ Matthew 5v16.